Made  in Canada

It was very important to ms that every part of this product is made in Canada and have done just that.  The people, the materials and the location are all right here.  You won't find Sheddie Eddie pumped out of a factory either, in fact, each one is handmade, inspected and packed by myself. 


For all your animals, large or small.  Sheddie Eddie isn't just for shedding, it is great for year round grooming as it removes loose hair, mud, dirt and dander very effectively.  You will be amazed just how good it works.

Hair Removal

Wherever your animals go, there will be  hair.  Sheddie Eddie will remove the hair on many items ~ fleece/felt/wool saddle pads, girths and cinches, vehicle seats, fleece coolers, lined horse blankets or sheets, floor mats/carpet, pet beds, plus a whole lot of other things.


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