I have been looking for something that would remove hair not only on animals but all the other things that get covered with dirt and hair.  My business is a tack consignment store and also offer  cleaning/repair service for blankets and other items.  I would often get items that were covered in hair, such as, fleece and polar fleece lined blankets, wool felt and fleece girths/cinchs/pads and would take a lot of time to get all that hair off before I could wash them.   I tried other shedding/grooming tools and nothing was saving me time or money.   With much trial and error, Sheddie Eddie was made. 


It was also important to have a product that was made locally.  Everything we have put into it is sourced right here in Canada by Canadian people.  I personally use Sheddie Eddie on a regular basis and you will find that most of the images were taken by myself. Other images were taken by our customers.  We have been taking our time to slowly build on our customer base to ensure that we can deliver both in service and quality.  We know that you will be very happy with Sheddie Eddie and if you ever have any questions, we are here to answer them the best way we can.  Let the hair fly!


Reasons to try Sheddie Eddie ~


  • gentle on animals

  • easy to use

  • very effective

  • year round grooming

  • handmade

  • ergonomic handle

  • strap for your wrist or hanging up

  • use on many surfaces

  • 60 day warranty



Sheddie Eddie tips ~


  • use short strokes and appropriate pressure

  • clean blade from dirt/hair frequently

  • spray with water if hair becomes static

  • remove dirt buildup on blade/wood with old toothbrush and water then wipe dry

  • use on large/small animals (shorter hair is more effective)

  • if you don't have the option to have pads or like items professionally cleaned, use a shopvac after to get more ground in dirt out


Perfect for your 4-legged friends and the stuff they touch...

I am happy to offer you a product made right here in Canada.  
Its not just for shedding.  Year round use to remove dirt, mud, dander and loose hair on your animals.  Also remove unwanted hair on many other items around the house

and in the tack room.  Let the hair fly!  

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